Russian physician, philosopher, science fiction writer & revolutionary Alexander Aleksandrovich Bogdanov (1873-1928). In search for eternal youth he began experiment with blood transfusions in 1924, performed on himself. Unfortunately the science of blood transfusion was not very advanced and in 1928 he got transfusion of blood infected with malaria & tuberculosis, and died soon after.
 The Canadian physicist Louis Slotin (1910-1946) worked on an American project that designed the first nuclear bomb. During an experiment with plutonium he accidentally dropped a container causing a critical reaction. Slotin had been exposed to a lethal dose of radiation and died 9 days later.
 Thomas Midgley (1889-1944) was an American chemist who helped to develop leaded petrol. There were several deaths from lead poisoning at the factory where the additive was produced. In 1924 Midgley took part in a press conference to demonstrate the safety of his product and inhaled its vapour for a minute. It took him a year to recover from the harmful effects. Weakened by the lead poisoning he contracted polio at the age of 51. He invented a system of ropes to get him out of bed, but his invention caused his death when he was strangled by the ropes.
 The British chemist and inventor Sir Humphrey Davy (1778-1829) was fired from his job as an apothecary because he caused too many explosions. When he took up the field of chemistry, he had the habit of inhaling the various gasses he was dealing with. The frequent poisonings left him an invalid for the last two decades of his life. During this time he also permanently damaged his eyes in a  nitrogen trichloride explosion.
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